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Digit Number Pad

A Wireless Retro Inspired Mechanical Number Pad & Calculator.

A Classic Lofree Inspired Design

The Lofree Digit has the same vintage feel, but built with mechanical buttons to type even better than the Membrane switches. Crunch your numbers away in style. The Digit oozes that retro vibe and gives character to your space.

The Lofree Keyboard’s Best Companion

Pair the Digit with the Lofree keyboard and you have a dream team. Instead of using the numbers on the keyboard, crunch numbers more comfortably and efficiently by using the Digit as a number pad. Connect the Digit to your computer, iPad, or phone via Bluetooth.

The Most Charming Calculator 

The Digit has both beauty and brains. Do your calculations and seamlessly transfer the results to your devices. With it’s eye-catching physical features and practical functionalities, the Digit is the only calculator you’ll ever want.  

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